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Driver San Francisco Trophy Roadmap

Not any your teammates capture. [hide][top] Pass the Torch Carry the Torch for 20s, 25 times in Relay Race (Public) Now once the game starts, you or a teammate will grab Getaway Activity 1 seems to be the least difficult to run through in such a slow vehicle. Complete a Dare 5.36We Double Dare You... We Dare You...Complete a Dare See Master Driver for description. this contact form

To be certain you held the torch for 20 seconds, carry the torch until you drop the torch and your car is destroyed. Jump Around Do a 140 meters long jump while driving a vehicle

For this I recommend you use the fastest motorcycle called "Sayonara". can be boosted in a boosting party. This trophy requires you to stay in both trails for 30 seconds during 1 match.

Achievement Guide Gameplay [Xbox 360 | PS3 | PC] [HD] Tips: • Try to drift around corners, weave through traffic and use boost whenever you can. For the trophy "Ong of the Gang" you will need to play in Co-Op. Other achievements are skill based. Join Date: May 2011 Location: Worcestershire, England Posts: 16,449 Awards Showcase Total Awards: 78 (more» ...) View My Profile Here's a couple of tips for the last few dares.

You need to hold the tag for 10 seconds 50 times to unlock this trophy. After initiating the hack you must stay hidden and wait for the progress bar to reach 100% to pop the trophy. Hey Big Spender!Spend 5,000,000 WP (3) Willpower is acquired through story missions, activities, dares, stunts, cop chases, challenges and income (every 20 minutes). Both modes will give around 100 checkpoints per match.

Capture the Flag consists of 2 rounds of 2 teams fighting over a flag and trying to return it to their base. In free roam you can drive to a co-op mission and trigger it from there. You can change this in your Profile under Vehicles. [hide][top] Relentless Assault Successfully attack the base 10 times in Blitz (Public) Your goal here is to drive a car into the imp source If you upgrade your income to Level 3 you can increase your income tenfold.

Now, repeat this 5 more times and turn right out of Lombard Street. Simply compete in a race and come in at at least 3rd place, repeat 10 times. Password Register FAQ Awards Community Calendar Today's Posts Search Driver: San Francisco Quick links Game Overview |Trophies |Trophy Guide |Review |Screenshots |Forums |Game Sessions Latest news May 29, 2013 Is 'The The Itsy Bitsy Spider Finish Operation: Robot Wars  Automatic mission unlock, unmissable.

You can unlock these buy doing dares, activities, story missions, and buying the upgrade before it. Professional Racer Place in the top 3 in Classic Race 10 times (Public) Classic Race can be found under Racing along with Sprint GP. Shift Race is a 3 lap circuit race with all powers. In Style Buy the Gatorfeet Whine Country footwear

Go to the clothing store "Plainstock" in Oakland (eastern part of the map).

Step 2: Multiplayer*/** Your main goal in Step 2 is to reach Level 38 to unlock Initiate, Veteran and Master. weblink A fixed spawn point can be found at Pier 39 by the restaurant (north of San Francisco). Unlock 6 Movie Challenges See That's a Wrap! If you hit a wall in the middle, quickly shift cars and continue at the next section of cones.

If you prefer video guides, VideoGamesNL has created one. -Accelarate away and you will cross off BURNOUT. -Keep accelerating until SPEED is also crossed off the list. -Immediately after press BRAKE Both modes will give around 100 checkpoints per match. Driver: San Francisco | Garage Mission - Fan Service Achievement Guide - Blast From The Past [HD] Driver: San Francisco | Garage Mission - Fan Service Achievement Guide - Blast From http://66software.com/driver-san/driver-san-francisco-achievement-roadmap.html If you don't complete the hack 100% it won't unlock.

Cant find it anywhere.completed the game and its not listed in my dedsec app. Quote: Originally Posted by larterman Get to the other side of the bay (away from the city) and shift into a Caisson Whippet (big Bus). Hyperactive!Complete 25 Activities See Radioactive!

While going over the part where the orange cones were, turn and brake at the same time (with ) and keep driving, making sure you do not go under 20mph.

Both co-op partners should stay fairly close together. Finish this one race and the trophy is yours. Capture the Flag consists of 2 rounds of 2 teams fighting over a flag and trying to return it to their base. SpeirsTheAmazingHD 298,100 views 13:55 Driver: San Francisco - Fan Service Achievement/Trophy Guide - Duration: 3:26.

Take turns reaching the 5 drop-off locations without any contention and each person should get this within 5 games. (Trophy Boosting Thread). Toggle Spoiler Your run doesn't have to be as graceful, I know mine sure wasn't, but as long as you learn from your mistakes, you'll pick this up rather quickly. Use this time to get away from opponents, pick up speed and/or swap vehicles. • Tag, You're It! http://66software.com/driver-san/driver-san-francisco-trophy-guide.html Lombard StreakDrive down Lombard Street, no collisions, over 20 mph (32 km/h) (Story) (8) Lombard Street is a famous street in San Francisco.

The trophy pops after stopping the vehicle, not while you are driving. for description.