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Truck Driver Safety Message


Accident procedures. By identifying what caused the accident, post accident retraining will better benefit the driver. 9.Post Accident Retraining Provide additional safe driving training to any driver involved in a traffic Posted in Tailgate Topics & Tips | Tagged attitude, backing, blind spots, cars, defensive, defensive driving, driver visibility, driving, mirrors, peripheral vision, rear window, Thinking Driver | Leave a reply SLOW Equipment and parts not operating correctly must be replaced before the trip begins. 7.Drug Testing A drug testing policy is an absolutely essential requirement for a trucking company. Check This Out

Answers could be: Snow - causes traction problems and often steering problems if there is accumulation on the road. Posted in Tailgate Topics & Tips | Tagged accidents, attitude, awareness, cars, defensive, defensive driving, driving, fundamentals, risk assessment, risk behaviour, risk takers, thinking, Thinking Driver, transportation, winter driving | Leave Answer: A distraction while driving is defined as: A diversion of attention from the driving task not related to impairment from alcohol, fatigue or medical condition. Print and read over this entire agenda (or download a pdf version here).

Truck Driver Safety Message

The Questions for this Meeting: Q: When a crash happens involving a motorcycle and other vehicle, who is typically found at fault? Plan to STAY FOCUSED on driving even when other distractions compete for your attention. Ken Leave a Reply Cancel reply Most Popular 100 Trucking Safety Meeting Topics and City Driving Tips Truck Driver Salary: Average Truck Driver Pay Per Mile How

Although most are oriented toward drivers, some address hazards in the shop/garage and the warehouse. Program your GPS before leaving and use the voice directions so that you minimize screen time. Other Articles A Variety of Van Upfit OptionsStrategic Changes for Extended PM IntervalsConfirming a Driver’s Abilities Through a Road TestSmooth Operation Under Tough ConditionsBeverage Hauler Delivers with Kenworth T370 TrucksSpec'ing and Fleet Safety Meeting Topics As we approach this new era, the question is how seamlessly will autonomous and human-controlled vehicles co-exist?

The good news is, your employees are listening and you have more influence than you may have thought. Driver Safety Topics heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers was 48.2 per 100,000 workers, approximately 11 times the rate for the general worker population. Administer a drug test immediately when any driver is involved in an accident, regardless of whether or not the driver is injured. 8.Accident Investigation As most accidents can be It has been compiled by Commercial Vehicle Services within the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) in cooperation with the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division of the Washington State Patrol (WSP/CVD), and

Thinking Driver - Tailgate Topics & Tips Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. Driving Safety Toolbox Talk In most cases, companies run the MVR before hiring an employee who will be eligible for a company car. While driver inattention is the primary cause of accidents, other factors can play a role including weather, equipment condition, and actions of other vehicle operators. Good article on preparing for DOT inspections.

Driver Safety Topics

https://vimeo.com/124640101 NOT A SUBSCRIBER YET?  You will see a watermarked sample of the video.  Get the ‘clean' video for your meeting now by visiting the Tailgate Topics & Tips page on http://www.worktruckonline.com/article/story/2007/09/10-ways-to-improve-fleet-safety.aspx See the Big Picture - By moving your eyes, you get a ‘big picture' perspective of the traffic environment and your place in it.  Pilots all this ‘situational awareness' and it Truck Driver Safety Message This means a decrease in fuel costs and wear-and-tear on the vehicle.To ensure drivers comply with reporting vehicle damage, condition reports are requested when drivers turn vehicles in, leave the company, Dot Safety Meeting Requirements Protect your investment today with driver training.

Featured Jobs Blog Market Trends Human Nature Prone to Take Advantage of Docile Autonomous Vehicles By Mike Antich The co-existence between autonomous and human-controlled vehicles (along with others who use public his comment is here The House of Electric Vehicles By Sherb Brown Data Points Does Telematics Branding Translate to Adoption? The employee, a truck driver, was driving along when a car pulled in front of him from a stop sign. Law enforcement officers are another great resource to tap for speakers.A few companies indicated they have monthly safety instruction meetings for their drivers. Tool Box Talks For Truck Drivers

One way to reduce blind spots to the rear is to correctly adjust your mirrors.  Many drivers adjust the side or ‘wing' mirrors so that they see mostly what is behind But what about the majority of riders?  Most are more careful and take much less risk than these other aggressive riders. Pay attention to the enhanced view that correct mirror adjustment provides. http://66software.com/driver-safety/truck-driver-training-tasmania.html Make Sure an Accident is Never your Fault – Two simple rules will keep you in the right, every time.

Answers: Blind spots are the areas around the vehicle that you cannot see directly using your eyes or by use of the mirrors. Truck Driver Safety Training Ppt Then ask them what their secret is. More space gives you: More time to react and brake or steer if something unexpected happens; Better visibility around the vehicle ahead; More room to manoeuvre and lane change if there

Opening Statement: As we move into summer, it's worth talking about some of the other road users that begin to appear when the weather improves.  Motorcyclists are one of the most

Vehicles to the rear in other lanes may be preparing to pass or be in the way if you are changing lanes. Disposal methods. 8. Q: Why does this happen? (a driver turning in front of an oncoming motorcycle) Answers: There are 2 primary reasons that this can happen: 1. Safe Driving Safety Meeting Here are ten safety program recommendations trucking companies can consider.

Big City Driver Big City Driver Trucking Safety Humor Stories Jobs Write for BCD CDL Tests About 100 Trucking Safety Meeting Topics and City Driving Tips I get a lot of They also hold an annual safety drawing for airline tickets for those drivers with an accident-free record. 5. We are in category 56. navigate here EDUCATION CAN PREVENT DRIVING-UNDER-THE-INFLUENCE ACCIDENTSDriving-under-the-influence (DUI) or driving-while-intoxicated (DWI) are serious and dangerous issues.

Safety Info's Online Workplace Safety Library offers over 250 free samples to get you started. I have been harping on it for twelve years now, through my Big City Driver articles, and as a columnist for Ten-Four Magazine. Injury prevention guides Moving and Lifting Safely: Injury Prevention Guide developed by Trucking Safety Council of BC. Instead use the PDF download option, provided on the page you tried to print.

First of all, can you please elaborate on how to effectively dissolve a traffic wave? Meeting Leader: • Prepare in advance to make this meeting effective.Go to the Thinking Driver website for instructions on how to best use this information. (http://www.thinkingdriver.com/blog/tailgate-topics)• Print & read over this Open and then minimize the viewer just before the meeting to make the video introduction smooth. Heat-related Illnesses Recognizing, preventing and treating heat-related illnesses provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC.) Falls from vehicles campaign by HSE (Health and Safety Executive) Ergonomics

Administer both a pre-employment drug test as well as random drug testing. I like how you talked about having mandatory safety meetings every month or so. Delivery and acceptance responsibilities. Be prepared to stop.

You should consult with your insurance broker or agent about workers comp issues. ©2011 Amaxx Risk Solutions, Inc. A token gift can be sent with the newsletter — a key chain, pen, or other promotional item can help remind drivers of safety.Try to keep your newsletter to one or Q: What are blind spots and where are they located on most vehicles? What a great help in preparing for my drivers meetings!

Choose the right lane on multilane roadways and just stay there unless traffic is moving impossibly slow.  The guys in the fast lane on slippery roads are almost always going too Print and read over this entire agenda (or download a pdf version here). See www.LowerWC.com for more information. One of the challenges of being fully aware of what's going on to the rear is the blind spot problem.

SubmenuJoin Thinking DriverTailgate Topics and TipsKeynote and Technical Speaker ServiceSafety Program Self-AssessmentBootcamp 8 Critical StepsMeeting Planners Come Visit Thinking Driver at Our Upcoming Events Saskatchewan Safety Council Industrial Safety SeminarRegina, SKFebruary A major component of the safety program at Heinz is to assess accident fees to drivers at fault.“I’ve found you can administer all the programs you want, but when you start