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If I entered into an installment agreement, when will I know if I am eligible to drive? Where does the driver responsibility money go? The reinstatement fee of $125 may be included in the approved Installment Agreement. Please make your payment at the time your second year notice is received to ensure that your payment is properly credited to your account and that your driving privileges are not http://66software.com/driver-responsibility/michigan-driver-responsibility-fee-payment.html

The Michigan Department of State will send you a Notice of Proposed Suspension of Driving Privileges. For example: The (4) points for Operating While Impaired are not counted for subsection 1 assessments. Pay the Driver Responsibility Fee in full. Box 30199 Lansing, MI 48909-7699. http://www.michigan.gov/driverresponsibility/

Payments for faxed requests must be charged to a credit card account. Eligible residents have until Dec. 31, 2015 to submit an application for community service to erase qualifying Driver Responsibility fees. Visit www.Michigan.gov/sos for a location near you. The reinstatement fee of $125 may be included in the approved Installment Agreement.

You should not drive until you receive this notification. Kelly appeared before a state House committee in May 2014 and told legislators about the human toll he has seen the fee take on people who are guilty of fairly minor Michigan statute allows offset of an Income Tax refund to any unpaid assessed liability until your account is paid in full even if you are on an approved Installment Agreement. If mail is returned or undeliverable, you are still responsible for the fee and your driving privileges may still be suspended.

Contact the Michigan Department of Treasury to see if you qualify for an Installment Agreement. Why am I receiving a Driver Responsibility Fee? There are certain conditions in which you may be eligible to drive. my site Installment Agreements: Upon completion of the Installment Agreement, the Michigan Department of Treasury will notify the Michigan Department of State that the Driver Responsibility Fee(s) covered under the Installment Agreement were

The law allows Michigan Department of State to delegate collection of fees to Treasury, as Michigan Department of State's agent (MCL 257.58). Michigan.gov Home Driver Responsibility Home Site MapPoliciesMichigan NewsADA Copyright 2017 State of Michigan Browsers that can not handle javascript will not be able to access some features of this site. I am on an Installment Agreement and I have been making my payments? > Why was my Income Tax refund offset? Mail to: Collection Division Michigan Department of Treasury P.O.

Failure to pay in full or failure to enter into an approved Installment Agreement by the due date given on your notice will result in the suspension of the driver's license. http://www.michigan.gov/driverresponsibility/0,1607,7-213-32167-146704--,00.html An additional $125 reinstatement fee will be required prior to the reinstatement of your license. A restricted license is not available for a Driver Responsibility suspension. Do I need to set up another Installment Agreement for the second year Driver Responsibility Fee? > Can I pay my second year portion of my Category 2 Driver Responsibility Fee

The court would not accept my proof of insurance. http://66software.com/driver-responsibility/driver-responsibility-tax-va.html If my license is suspended and I make a new payment arrangement, do I automatically get my driver's license back? Please allow 10-14 business days for processing the form either by mail or by fax. Driver Responsibility fee payments cannot be accepted by the courts or at Secretary of State branch offices.

Other states, including New Jersey and Texas, have implemented similar laws. Suspension / Reinstatement Information > Why is my license suspended? > Why do I owe a reinstatement fee to get my license back? > Can I make payment arrangements if I No. http://66software.com/driver-responsibility/michigan-driver-responsibility-fee-waived.html Once I've paid my fees in full to Treasury, how long until my license is restored?

An EFT form is available on this Web site. No. Installment Agreements are limited to 24 months in duration to avoid suspension of your license.

Offenses occurring in Michigan or another state with an incident date on or after October 1, 2003. (See Category 2 Qualifying Offenses) Why is a Driver Responsibility Fee assessed?

Depending on mail time, payment through the mail may take approximately four to five days to be posted by Treasury, with notification of the payment reaching Michigan Department of State in Some functions of this site are disabled for browsers blocking jQuery. Box 30199 Lansing, MI 48909-7699. The reinstatement fee of $125 may be included in the approved Installment Agreement.

Under the terms of the installment agreement, a default will result in a suspension of driving privileges. Contact the Michigan Department of State to see if your driving privileges will be reinstated. The law may allow you up to 24 months to make payment arrangements on the amount you currently owe. this contact form Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Installment Agreement applications may be faxed to 517-272-5561.

I don't believe I should have been ticketed. The $125 reinstatement fee is paid to the Michigan Department of State or may be included in an approved Installment Agreement with the Michigan Department of Treasury. Completed requests may be faxed to 517-322-1181. I am on an Installment Agreement and have been making timely payments.

If paying by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) (preferred payment method), processing is within 7-10 days. Other Useful Information > Is there a $125 reinstatement fee due when a driver license is suspended for failure to pay the driver responsibility fee? > Can a driver responsibility fee In many cases, it is possibly for the Michigan Department of Treasury to roll the reinstatement fee into an existing Driver Responsibility fee payment plan. The suspension may be avoided if you now choose to make payment arrangements.

If you had valid proof of insurance and presented it to the court and you feel that you received this fee in error you will need to re-contact the court for Parents, Legal Guardians and Spouses Payment Options If you would like to make payment for another person (including minors and spouses) please make payment with a check or money order following Skip to main content Contact UsDriver Responsibility HomeMI.gov Driver Responsibility How It Works No Proof of Insurance Offenses and Penalties How To Pay Collections e-Service Installment Agreement Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) There is no guarantee that making up the missed payment will avoid the default of your Installment Agreement and suspension of your driving privileges.

MCL 257.320e(1) states that a person whose operator's or chauffeur's license is suspended for failure to pay the Driver Responsibility fee (257.732a), shall pay a license reinstatement fee of $125 before Public Act 165 of 2003, known as the Driver Responsibility Law, took effect Oct. 1, 2003. No. Driver Responsibility fees are paid to the Michigan Department of Treasury.

Can I make payment arrangements if I have never made a payment on my Driver Responsibility Fee? What is an Installment Agreement, and who is eligible to enter into an Installment Agreement? Can I pay using my credit card or debit card? Am I going to get a receipt or confirmation number when I make a payment or payment in full?

If your license is suspended, revoked or denied for reasons other than nonpayment of driver responsibility fees, you are not eligible to drive. If not, the Michigan Department of State shall suspend the driving privileges until the assessment and any other required fees are paid.